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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjadeadbeard View Post
    I'm not a fan of the human variants, if only because they all seem the same to me. One thing I did with Eramus was make humans more like other races by creating, essentially subraces. Why separate Elves into so many distinct parts? High, Dark, Gray, Wood, etc. I would advise to give each of the major human cultural groups either highly distinctive bonus skills (a seafaring race should get Use Rope automatically with a bonus, a race of Horse-masters should have Handle Animal and Ride, etc,) or just give them a different set attribute bump. As an example, Vabbians would get +2 to Con because of their migration, and Knowledge (Arcane) as a bonus skill regardless of class. Sinatic people would have a bonus to Survival Checks and a +2 to Dex or something.
    Actually, the human variants are meant for humans of odd destinies. Like Divine Humans are for those seeking say a Persius or Hercules type background with a divine mom and dad. Different human ethnic groups are not at their base meant to be statistically different.... However....

    I see where your coming from, Actually for the different human ethnic groups I plan to make a list of homebrew traits. Since this is pathfinder, all characters get 2 traits at the start and I plan to make many that run along with those.

    An example, players chosing to play a Tamazian Human would have the option of one of these traits....
    • Marsh Walker: +2 to all Swim checks and bog terrain is not considered difficult.
    • Master Diver: One can hold their breath for 10 times their constitution modifier.
    • Forest runner: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Acrobatics checks and a +1 trait bonus to your CMB when attempting to resist trip attacks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjadeadbeard View Post
    Some of the names picked for various peoples feels forced. For example, Vabbian. It rings a bit hollow for me. But Akhkzomet? Enki? Excellent! Makes me think of ancient Mesopotamia. All of the Ur-names feel right too. This time era needs more love.
    Enki and Akhkzomet are variations of Babylonian words actually. For Akhkzomet I believe a variation on a Babylonian word for Vampire or fiend (Though my source may be off). And Enki is a variant of a pronunciation of an Mesopotamian God... or is the transliteration. Sinatic is somewhat of a wink and a nod to the Sinai desert ect... actually a few names and words are similar or just redone. I won't like I am often terrible with names. Vabbian/Vabbitic is actually the more original name invented. The main reason for their difference was to create the idea that they aren't native to the Inan originally. Similar to how the Sumerian natives were different from the Semitic speakers who came from Arabia and Jordan and founded Babylon and Akkadia.

    And yeah, I felt not only does the era but in general the region need a bit more focus. In my D&D group there are a bunch of DM's and we all have our own homebrew settings. A lot of medieval Europe, steampunk/megitech.... I figured.... Heck nobody is touching the fertile crescent or the Iron age.... I've found my niche!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjadeadbeard View Post
    Finally, I like the language gap. Far more realistic than standard. Again, this time period needs more love from movies, games and whatever else, and I like how your language fix represents the varied city-states of the region.
    My players love and hate it. One of them, my first DM who introduced me to D&D dislikes the lack of a Common global language. Some players like the realism, and a few fun RP sessions have happened in test runs where the players had to interpret from hand gestures what someone was trying to say. :D

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjadeadbeard View Post
    Again, awesome job! Is there anything more specific you wanted to hear comments on? I'm happy to help.
    Well I can always use more crunch for one, as you mentioned the variant humans is something. Granted I like the idea of having everyone be Homo-sapians, and I'm more inclined to giving ethno-linguistic groups access to specific traits (A Pathfinder thing) reflecting cultural practices and affinities like swimming and seafaring for Tamazians, or resistance to desert heat for Vabbians, or better ride skill for Sabylians. So a list of traits (Examples of traits from Pathfinder SRD... Link).

    Two other things are a review of the Gods and Goddesses so far listed, and just a general feel of the cultures. Like do you get a feeling for who the Vabbitic speakers are? The Tamazians? More info? Less? Images? ect...

    I've also got a more comprehensive History of the Inan region including tales of the mythic origins and early days, foreign occupations ect... and I'd like some input on the quality and believably of it.
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