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I was feeling braindead so I just sketched what I saw.

I've been looking closely at a lot of anime styles recently, and from a lot of angles. A huge part of it is the movement; motion lets you get away with a lot of things that don't particularly work in a still shot.

I don't particularly like the anime facial style, truth be told. The faces of the characters manage to consistently be the least interesting parts of their designs. I feel like that's a bit of a waste.

Hmm, there's a challenge for myself... Draw a bunch of anime characters with distinctive and significantly different facial structures
Good luck. You'll note anime has certain stock faces and stick to them; identifiable, repeatable and abstractable. Try to nail those benchmarks and you're golden.

You'll find there is a reason most anime characters are impossible to differentiate when you take off the hair, though.

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Day 426: How The World Works

Stephanie's views on how the world works.


Time: 30 minutes
Music: Cish Cash
Damn wizrobes be whack, yo!

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Not the most common argument, but one that I know pops up occasionally.
Did you win by reminding said ancient undying monster that it's more practical to possess an army tank or attack helicopter?
No, but we should have!
Damn it hindsight!

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Hm. I might have an idea.

Day 432: Inking Month

Okay, this sketching has gone on way too long and I'm gonna forcefully wean myself off it. New rule is no sketches for a month (excepting pen and paper days); pictures have to be inked, painted or coloured in some way. Let's see if I can get some new techniques and efficiency.

Today's was a partial experiment in line width. Some interesting things learned but nothing to write home about yet. There were some other layers and an attempt at greyscale colouring to this but they didn't work out so I'm just showing the inkline.


Time: 35 minutes
Music: Blue (Da Be Dee)
Huh. So we are letting structure issues go so you can practice stuff now?

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A dagger! A rainbow dagger in my blackened internet heart!
There ya go.

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Day 461: Bork bork

Bork bork bork bork. Oooh bork bork bjork bork bork


Bork: Bork bork
Bork: Bork bork bork
/) /) /) /) /) !!!

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Day 474: Aboleth

A new challenge begins.

I've got my old 3.0 edition of the Monster Manual, and I'm going to go through it cover-to-cover and draw every critter in there at least once. This challenge is designed to get me familiar with drawing strange and inhuman creatures, broaden my range, and get me used to new tricks and techniques I wouldn't learn through my usual spheres.

This is not going to be a one monster a day challenge. I reserve the right to spend as long on each critter as I need.

So, day one: The Aboleth! I've had an idea for a campaign involving an Aboleth in my head for a million years.

The monster, old and blind, was washed up on a rocky reef outside a small fishing village. Half-suffocated by the unnatural air, the Aboleth began to go insane, calling out in psychic dreams and mournful whale-song to the village.

Over time, the village began to be shaped by the old monster's will. The Aboleth had never encountered humanity before, and began possessing townsfolk from it's rocky prison, exploring the society of it's lessers out of agonising boredom. In a curious case of stockholm syndrome, the Aboleth actually started to like the humans - and even fell in love with one boy in particular. Unfortunately it doesn't know how to, or understand the idea of, possessing a specific person. So it just grabs whatever mind it can and then begins stalking, reading poetry to, singing alien whale-music at and generally trying to flirt with the boy it loves.

The Aboleth is now almost so insane that it's barely aware of it's desiccated body on the rocks any more, trying haphazardly and earnestly to fit in to the town despite having to possess random townsfolk and being an alien monster. The townsfolk think it's some kind of ghost or spirit. The Aboleth stares with blind eyes into a brass mirror it desperately clutches and imagines it is a pretty human, with long hair to comb and lungs that can breathe air.


Time: 45 minutes
Music: Horizontal Rain
****, man. That's dark.
The picture is well done, but it looks like the kind of thing I'd expect from
A video game, where instead I accounting or structure the whole grit end just bends sideways. Or like a bad CGI movie.