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Thread: [MLP FiM} Bridle Shores: The Great Wilds

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    Gwynfillion immediately scrambled over to Garion and pulled him into a hug-hold, smooshing his face against her barrel with worry over the foal. "Garion...didn't ever put yourself in danger like that, okay?" She didn't really aknowledge the whole floating on nothing but something comfy, she was a little preoccupied being fretting over the foal.

    "Goddesses....I was an idiot....I can't believe I froze like that,"
    She groaned nuzzling the top of Garion's head and then glanced at Tinker with a grateful smile.

    Meanwhile, Cloud pouted and slid off the hydra bringing herself closer to the others. The sense of danger that there was kinda just went over head.
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