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The only one who had a shot at bringing him down was Soon, who was also presumably so epic that he could have flattened Xykon's whole army personally if they'd entered the throne room.
And note Soon only had a chance because Xykon was horribly reckless there and acted very stupidly in that fight. What we saw from him since then indicates Xykon won't make that mistake anymore, which means he's gotten even more dangerous by that near-defeat.

If his plan to hide his phylactery in his totally insane Astral Plane Fortress worked, he'd probably have been as invincible as it would ever get and the point of fighting him at all would have been gone.
For all the ill Redcloak did in creating the abomination "Xykon" the world (the entire multiverse) probably has to thank him he put a stop to that last escalation.