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    I would also be up for grouping, at least my guardian or warrior reaches a high enough level(warrior is 16, and guardian 18 at the moment), if anyone has lower level alts, I also have a level 7 ranger, and a level 7 engineer(though I have been thinking of rerolling the engineer to both reset his skills, so I could select more useful ones, and to change his appearance and/or race[what would be a good race for an engineer?, I like the human's appearance, but the norn, char, and sylvari racial skills are more interesting then the human's, though I'm not 100% sure of they're useful to an engineer).
    I also do have that long log-in problem, but only on my laptop, which manages to meet/exceed all but one(the video card is too old, but the other parts actually are new enough, which makes it even more frustrating hat I can't upgrade it's video card) of the minimum system requirments
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