Prince Zurkar's dragon bodies trades places with the golem, who now assumes the role of administrating the Portal Chamber.
I am leaving now, all responsibilities as Gatekeeper are delegated to my Golem, whom is, in fact, me. By the Throne, do NOT bother my father!

Although the High Lord can't see the worlds themselves, and considering each portal empties into a chamber underneath a governor's mansion on every world except Emanacal (that one is, and always will be a special case,) he can tell that this is nothing short of a true crisis. Although he's mentally beating himself up over allowing some panic to enter his voice, he can't help but appreciate the ordered chaos within as troops are quickly delegated from world to world, and information rushes in by the hundreds of pages. How many medals are going to be needed to be given out?

Under the direction of Prince Zurkar, the three dragons make their way through Ugor's gate, coming up from underneath a city on that world's Governor's Mansion and onto the moon-world.

Back in the Astral Plane, the Golem goes through all the tasks that the young purple dragon goes through.