Aldhaven, in addition to the majority race of humans, has a small community of dwarves and gnomes due to being on friendly terms with the nearby dwarf/gnome alliance of times past. There still are a significant if small population of elves from back when the Mage's Quarter was a center of powerful magics.

There are two indigenous populations of less friendly humanoids that call Aldhaven home: the skulk Shadow Spider clan, which I believe we have decided was likely either wiped out or pushed out of Aldhaven before C&C times, and the kobold clans who originally called the land Aldhaven was built on home. The very spacious sewer system under Aldhaven had originally been the surface tunnels of the kobolds' warrens that have been paved over in an attempt to seal the kobolds off. Instead, the kobolds had overrun the sewers. 50 years prior to C&C, the kobold clan had been ruled by a grotesquely fat tyrant of a kobold with a penchant for gnome flesh known as the Big Boss. He claimed to be a dragonwrought kobold, but the only sort of dragon he could possibly share heritage with would be a "gluttony" dragon.

If the Big Boss is still alive, he'd be getting quite old for a kobold, though not unreasonably so.