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"Ehh, don't take it personally, you two." Daniel reassures the vampires. "I've run enough bluffs to know one when I see one. ****ish roundabout cautionary last words, natch.

Oh, and before we draw straws over who gets to be all heroic if it comes to...what say we don't elect a hero and just do teamwork? Heroics in general always end badly unless there's a clearly elected protagonist. So, we just go in, do what we do, and when we all come back safe'n'sound, the drinks are on me."

"I thought team work was a given already,"
The mare stated still on the miffed side from moments ago.

Briefing Room

Taylor would find himself in that room, now inhabited by an unconscious ninja, a partially-to mostly burnt awake vampire with some serious sand based restraints uselessly trying to struggle against them, and an awakened grubbs. He glanced at Taylor. "You do this?"

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The Cirrus
Man, forest fires are messy.
Which explains why Blaze is still outside dealing with it.
By this time, the firefighter ponies arrives in their firetruck and were quickly dispatching themselves to put this out.

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Sandy's eyes went wide as he found himself sneaking a kiss from her. Perhaps that assassin had gotten him a little worked up, more than he'd realized. And she looked just like Rainbow too, and oh goodness she was delicious...suddenly, his mind froze up. This wasn't in the plan, he wasn't supposed to be doing this, now what? Should he break it off? Should he slide her away from the others and just let it ride? Gripped in indecision, he simply kept up the Mild Pony Kisses until his brain could catch up.
And Zephyr found himself still just standing there and staring, eyes all rounded.