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Do not tell me who to play on account of a joke that you made.
I stand by it.

You stepped out of the game first to express that any response your character could give was godmodding ergo would be inherently unfair so the game was over. That's a de facto way of telling me how to play.

Since you stepped out I did as well with my honest opinion. Don't like that opinion okay, but it remains my honest opinion. I also don't waffle around with my wording nor can I tell you anything since I have less ability to effect you then even in real life. Its a blunt and honest assessment of a problem.

I only "roleplay" in ponythread fairly minimally for reasons I could get on quite an extended rant on but the short version is that its for much of what you expressed right there.

However despite the massive disagreements I have with the roleplay I still manage to enjoy the sort of pseudo-characters we all run and why I quietly try to never acknowledge real life, humans, or that I'm really just a dude at a keyboard pretending he's a Nanoha-styled magic user that is also a pony.

Now I won't continue this so everyone else can get back to the pony nonsense. I'll come back tomorrow.