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Residence (Hall) Director. There should be one somewhere, I imagine. They might be a little elusive though. Ask an RA if you know one of those or where to find one. (Residence Advisor? Assistant? I'm not sure, my old school just had Peer Advocates instead, and those were the same thing these RAs seem to be.)

Showers are a personal weakness of mine. They're very soothing and I like to just sit on the shower floor curled up letting the water flow over me.
In my own bathroom, definitely. In a dorm, HELL no. I can barely stand to be in the bathroom at all, even in the shower. Showers here are pretty nasty too. They're never cleaned, and there's no ventilation, so they take forever to dry, and just molder and grow bacteria everywhere.

Hm hm. I'm not sure if I mentioned it here before but I've come across accounts like this several times before.
Yeah, we were learning about "the Homunculus" and the brain's "map" of the body, so I was curious about transsexual people and congenitally limb-deficient people.