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    Fetch Kalina reaches out her hand and takes Marchande's. She has a firm grasp, almost painful. As she shakes, red strands reach out and coil around the two of them, a tightness on Marchande's heart, and then released, the new oath coiled around her and through er in Wyrd.

    [Vague bargain. Marchande's side: Lesser endeavor once/week of providing luck -1. Fetch side, lesser endeavor, aid the lost when possible. 1 week duration (to be renewed when visiting next week).]
    To Marchande's credit, she manages to smile, stand up, and say - with only a hint of shakiness - "See you next week, ma'am." She even walks away under the fireworks off the stage, and it is only when she's pretty sure the Fetch can't see her that she starts flailing her hand about and panicking.

    That was completely and totally unexpected, and weird fairy magic was not the kind of thing that you wanted. Would she drop dead if she didn't keep that promise?

    Once she calms down, she runs one hand over her head, long nails gliding across her scalp, and then takes a deep breath. Okay. She can handle this. She's in control. She's got the wits of a hob and the soul of a human, and there's nothing that can stop her.

    Her hand is still shaking a little when she walks back over to the wicker man.
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