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I can't find any list of moderators here more recent than 2010.

averagejoe (The Mod They Call Me/Hero in the Playground) - Friendly Banter, Media, Webcomics, Roleplaying Games
kpenguin (The Modguin/Penguin in the Playground) - Media, OOTS, Webcomics
Mark Hall (The Mod Wonder/Superhero in the Playground) - Roleplaying Games, Homebrew Design, Gaming (Other), OotS
SMEE (The Rainbow Mod/Pure Girl in the Playground) - Friendly Banter, Avatar & Signature Issues, Arts & Crafts, OotS
The Glyphstone (Great Modthulhu/Eldritch Horror In The Playground) - Roleplaying Games, Homebrew Design, Gaming (Other)
Vaynor (The Red Towel/Hoopy Frood in the Playground) -Arts & Crafts, Homebrew Design, Roleplaying Games
Zeb the Troll (Troll Patrol/Grandpa in the Playground) - Friendly Banter, Structured Games, Silly Message Board Games, PbP

I'm researching different foru moderation techniques, and Giantitp seems to be pretty thoroughly moderated with a fairly high standard of conduct, but a shockingly small number of mods if that's the whole list. How do you do it?!?
Oh, can I get this one?
*ahem* Hi there old one. this amazing accomplishment is acomplished by both vigilant and popular/friendly mods who dont't hesitate to participate as members of the forum, and a desire of many forumites to be in a civil enviroment to internet /verb in. Many forumites are polite, and realize doing against-rule things both annoy themselves in a few hours when it gets removed and they get a PM, and the mod who has to remove it and tell them that it was against the rules.