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"Why not?" Stephanie said, relentlessly curious. "What do other people know that I don't?"
"Because I chose to deal with you, and if you trade access to my location, you are forcing me to deal with someone else, someone who I did not choose."

Marchande arrives back at about this time and the wicker man turns to all of you.

"This conversation is over. It has been most...interesting*...working with you. I look forward to our next meeting."

And with that, he stands up and begins striding into the crowd
[Though as always when I narrate someone walking off, you could stop him if you wanted, but it would require putting a hand on his arm or shoulder, or shouting at him.]

*Stephanie hears that as completely sincere. To Machande's and Charlotte's more sensitive empathy, there is a bit of a sneer in the wicker man's voice as he says it.