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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldan View Post
    I'd imagine the report function and an overall pretty sensible community would help in policing.
    There is also the strict boundaries on acceptable topics. They took a scalpel (and sometimes a blunt axe) to every topic that is more often than not inflammatory. They don't bother with attempting to draw lines in the sand. Not "not modern day religious talk". Instead, "no religious talk, even if the last follower likely died 1500 years ago". "No politics", not "no modern US politics", etc.

    And whenever a topic is known to end up in flames, it gets added to the list. Happened to us in the comic section when compilation threads (Level geekery, MitD, etc.) got briefly added due to meta-discussion flame wars until the mods found a way to make us play nice or else.

    Edit: oh, and as pointed out in my sig, the fact that the forum as a whole is insane helps too. Why flame, when we would rather discuss how a male human could be a female dwarf in disguise.

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