DM Post

Baalzebul takes a moment to consider the Shepherd's words."An interesting argument, but since you have shown no interest in working with me, I can't say I'm finding any reason that I should keep you alive, nor do I have reason to doubt that Zorella can deliver on her promises." As Lucan stands up and nocks an arrow, a wicked grin spreads across the archdevil's face. "Ah, now this is the type of initiative I can work with. Your companion make an interesting point about presumptuous underlings. A worm, you called her? Let us make this title more fitting." The archduke turns to the two wardevils, and nods towards Zorella. "The wings."

Zorella's eyes dart from the arrow Lucan has pointed at her to the War devils to Baalzebul, but before she can react the War Devils take a place at either side of her. "Wait, what are you doing? I -AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" her voice raises to a scream of pain as each War Devil takes a wing and rips it from the succubus' body. Zorella collapses to the floor in spasms of pain, black ichor flowing out of the stubbed remains of her bat-like wings. The two War Devils toss the ripped wings at Baalzebul's feet, still twitching and sending blood splattering across the floor.

Above the moans and whimperings of Zorella, Baalzebul gives a low laugh. "Now, Mr. Thoene. Since you seem so eager to rid me of my enemies, perhaps you've reconsidered my earlier offer?"