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See, it's the social aspect I was aiming for. What sorts of bargains should the Fey offer? I like the suggestions for prices: senses, small acts of evil. What should the Fey offer in return?
Anything, really. It's what they do- you have a wish, a hope, a wicked deed, and they'll do it so long as the price is right. The key with their bargains is that they always come on top and take more from you than you thought. You get screwed over somehow, but you only see this after the fact (or sometimes with full knowledge of it, because they wanted to see you squirm). Senses, colors, and metaphorical things are always good to use because you often don't value such things, even though they may have an unseen significance to you or the fey. Vague favors or nebulous deeds are also good. Illusory reveals are fun as well, as suggested above- fey are known for their love of glamours. The person above talking about names is also on the right track, as names are very important with the fey; to quote an unrelated book, "A named thing is a tame thing".
The reciprocity idea is a nice one. I feel like the party will be quite wary of accepting gifts, especially food. Is there a good way to highlight what would have happened had they accepted, to make them feel more of a rush when they refuse gifts?
Show them the victims. People have come before, and will continue to wander in hence. They're pets at best, the toys that they play with until they break, and even then. They can do good things to them, they can do bad, they can do all the above and more- just show that people who underestimate or get on the bad side of the fey don't end up well.