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Back in 2009, right when I got a DS, I bought Pokemon Platinum. I played it a bunch for a while, then put it down. I picked it up for short times before putting it down again several times.

Today, bored, I decided to pick it up once more and finally really try to beat the Elite 4 (and the champion).

Took me three attempts, but I succeeded. After three years I finally beat the game.

And then I looked at the date I got the game.

I started on Oct 9th, 2009.

I beat the game on Oct 9th, 2012.

What an awesome coincidence.
I approve your choice of starter and electric type

Out of curiosity, does anyone else feel like you're starved for pokemon in a nuzlocke run? I mean the pokemon are great, but you don't get alot of them. I'm in Castelia city and just got my sixth pokemon, and since I had two deaths that means I have four. With two badges.