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...he takes 12d6-20 (because the resistance applies seperately for each attack)...
Actually, strictly speaking it's still 6D6-10 + 6D6-10, and yes, because they're variables, it does make a difference (minimum roll being 6, which is less than 10).

Honestly, if you decide to go for this branching 'Uber-Chain Lightning' idea, then it could be rather an interesting spell, if not, I'd still just use Elemental Substitution on a meteor swarm, since it has more utility. Either way though, it's a 9th level Evocation so give it something to actually justify a 9th level slot (something other 9th level Evocations fail to do on the whole).

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huh, that is not what I thought ER did, I thought it was a like temp HP that refreshed every round... odd.
Alas it doesn't, but that's an interesting thought...very interesting indeed...