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The Nuzlocke is going fairly well. As of beating the third gym, my team is

Demo the Magnemite- lvl. 27
Prole the Raticate- lvl. 25
Pax the Servine- lvl. 25
Demeter the Whirlipede- lvl. 25
Nofscap the Umbreon- lvl. 28

Kalmte the Azurill- lvl. 11, killed by Demeter's Rollout
Sulh the Purrloin- lvl. 13, killed by a magby's Ember
I have

Kevin the Dewott Lv 24
Emma the Watchog Lv 24
Emily the Growlithe Lv 24
Tyler the Crobat Lv 25
Goldilocks the Petilil Lv 24

and dead

Tasha the Mareep Lv 13 (Work up, Tackle)
Alexandria the Purrloin Lv 14 (Bide)

Tyler and Kevin made Burgh a complete curb-stomp.