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    Quote Originally Posted by Qwertystop View Post
    I'm sorry, but VoP overpowered? Based on what? Nymphs kiss and touch of golden ice maybe, but everything else in the feat section ranges from not too good to pathetic.
    i wouldn't even say that touch of golden ice or nymphs kiss were overpowered. Touch of golden ice is a nice feat yes but the save dc is a pathetic DC 15 and stays way for your entire career. As for nymphs kiss, I'll just quote the poster necroticplague from another thread:
    Its not exactly AMAZING, but its not too bad either. Its a couple small boosts, but nothing game changing. The skill bonus is small, but good over the long run, the save bonuses aren't worth a feat (seriously, a continuous item of resistance offers the same benefit for 2000 or 4000 gold), and the +2 to cha based skiills is mostly forgetable, since builds that focus on the cha skills other than umd typically pump tham u so high the +2 is a microscopic bonus, so its main benefit of that part is umd. In turn, you must make regular appointments with the fey, and since its exalted, you have to keep an extremely tight restrictin on your actions (its way to easy to get into a lose-lose alignment situation with exalted).
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