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    I second the Young Template. Maybe slap on some mental penalties if the she's sufficiently young (I'm thinking ~8 years old for a human).

    If there's any chance of her reaching her rolled Starting Age mid-campaign, don't toss in a bonus feat. Playing as a child already has enough benefits (Small size, +4 Dex) to console someone doing it for RP-purposes.
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    By level 20 though, you aren't capturing a wizard. A character lives to level 20 by being the most ruthless, lucky, capable, and paranoid bastard around. A wizard is throwing around a 30+ Int score and has, entirely in character, planned contingencies for his contingencies. He may well be running around with flat out total immunity to harm, he does not walk outside without an entire bevy of defensive magics around him and enough magic items to buy himself a nation.