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I'd still say that Tau worlds are more unified in their views than the Imperium, but I'd not swear by it. I know at least that military doctrine varies slightly between septs.

But since when do Arbites not punish people for murder? They're normal law enforcements, basically today's police. Only Grimdark.
What, the actual Arbites? They couldn't care less about such trivial problems. If it's not a riot, a bunch of treasonous rebels or a moral threat to the entire planet, the Arbitrators have better things to do than waste their time on it. Local law enforcement can handle the petty, insignificant breaches. Not that an Arbitrator won't cave a murderer's skull in if he happens upon one while doing his actual job, but there are usually only a handful of Arbitrators in any given planetary system. They're too worried about minor chaos cults, secular anti-imperial rebels, Xenos infiltration, riots and corruption among a planet's top authorities to bother with a trivial murder case.

As to the Tau... The way I see it, they have a very, very dim view of anyone who works against the Greater Good. They won't necessarily kill you, or even sterilize or anything, but they'll probably whisk you away to a reeducation camp in the middle of the night until they've got you thouroughly brainwashed. After all, anyone who doesn't follow the wisdom of the Etherials must be mentally ill...