A thought has occurred to me regarding Jones in the Silurian. We know how strong she is. Even with bad leverage she should be able to break her head at least free. So I wonder

A) Did she just wake up? or
B) Being Jones, is she content to just watch and not move? or
C) Is she growing out of the rock and not complete yet? or
D) Does her strength grow over time and she's pretty weak in this scene? or
E) Something else?

I suspect E...

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Now that I think about it, that arrest scene is a bit odd. After millions of years she must know that her appearance doesn't change and that this is very unusual for normal humans. Why is she just waiting around to be caught?
She might have been using the money and power of the estate to try to accomplish something. In such a case, sticking around as long as possible, even if it led to her getting caught, would be logical.

(I wonder what happened with the police. If they put her in the back of a Black Maria to take her to the police station, she could have just forced the door open in transit, jumped out, and vanished into the crowds... I doubt she'd allow them to get her to the station and start asking questions, as that would cause problems... And it's not like she could allow herself to be imprisoned, either, at least for very long, as someone would notice she wasn't aging...)