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You walk down the long hallway into a dining room where merchants are gossiping and eating. A woman around your age greets you. "Hey John." She says. "Glad you finally got up. I'll make you some food when we get back, but we gotta get going!" She grabs you arm firmly and starting dragging you anime style towards the door to the laughs of the other merchants.

"Go Mana! Show your boyfriend why you're the next merchant princess!"

"He's not my boyfriend!" She says back, with a visible blush making everyone laugh as she drags you out the door and towards the market.
Merchant Princess?? what's going on? I'll figure it out later better just follow this girl around. In the off chance this is really happening i don't want to be locked up as a crazy person.

Whoa slow down Mana I think I drank i bit to much last night. Where are we going exactly?