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    Quote Originally Posted by Zman View Post
    Sir??...with a Squire??... I can work with that...

    Looking to the young boy and making sure to use the greatsword to maintain his decency in a nonchalant manor, "Squire. Please use my full title as you would introduce me at court. A little practice couldn't hurt."

    Waiting for the boy to respond his gaze moves back to the women in his bed.
    If my fiance knew about this part of my dream she'd kill me!

    "And pray tell, name the lass in my bed."


    I'm going with not knowing who she is for a little spice. Anyone would be fine, maybe a castle servant, or princess' aid? Have fun with it.
    "Sir Zachery Smith. Knight of the kingdom of Rosewood. Currently situated in the Capital Country of Oda." The Squire replies.

    "Also...that's Leila...the Princess's bodyguard. You two sparred for hours yesterday, then came back here and got drunk. You two went through 4 barrels of ale before collapsing." He looks at you. "Do you require assistance with anything? Sword sharpened? Help getting your armour on?"
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