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No, its that most of the jokes are UNRELATED to star wars.

Most of the stuff IS indeed funny, but most of the stuff isn't really related to star wars at all.
Well that's why I asked, because if you found the movie funny and didn't feel their was some great joke out there to be be had missing... why are you complaining?

Its still very very much a SW parody, the entire plot and character structure is dictated by Star Wars just to start, so I find the grounds that the jokes aren't all about SW to be frivolous. It doesn't have to be, and frankly would be much harder to make.

Parody is not about simply making jokes about the nominal subject matter, but making jokes in while in imitation of the subject matter. I'd cite Weird Al, many of his songs have next to nothing content wise with their source material, but remain musical parodies. Heck even ones were he's just doing say a polka remix.

I dare say that while lampooning the source material exclusively can be fine in a short format, but is increasing likely to weaken your comedy as the timeline goes up. Especially for people that might be seeing the parody first and not get what you are poking fun at. The well of material is just going to run dry sooner or later. One of the most well regarded parodies (Airplane!) works because in large part because it has a billion and three gags so even if you don't find one funny you will find another one funny, with the parody plot of the disaster movie being the framework to set a comedy around.

Which is really what a parody should be, a particular framework for a comedy. While it should of course still be a parody, they should still at least attempt working as a more general story/comedy.