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Thats why I don't consider most of Wierd alls songs parodies at all.

Just a way to remove the original crap lyrics and add something funny/ much better to them.
That's the definition of a song parody. I mean, that's literally what the term means. It's when you take an already-existing song and rewrite the lyrics. Trying to say it isn't a song parody is to go against what the term means. It's like trying to convince someone that ducks aren't birds; by definition they are.

That isn't satire.
You're right. But it is a parody.

The word parody gets thrown around way too often in my opinion.

Airplane is a satire of all the disaster movies around the time.
I don't know if I'd call it a satire. A satire involves actual criticism of something. Great examples of satire are 1984, Animal Farm, and Brave New World. That's satire.

Airplane, from what I could tell, wasn't trying to make any real point about the disaster film genre, it was just using the framework as an opportunity for jokes. That's a parody, but not satire.