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    I'm a relatively new DM, only on my second campaign. I've come to something of a dilemma.

    In the game I'm DMing, a powerful, monotheistic theocracy has long since taken control of most of the civilized world; much of their dogma decries and condemns magic, and that, along with personal grievances of their own, is why my PCs are set out to bring down this church.

    They've handled it quite well, for the most part, and I'm fairly happy with how the campaign is going. The players are decent at least at roleplaying their hatred for the church, but I feel that they aren't doing really "into it." It makes the game feel a bit stale, and I want to try to excite them to really start getting serious about roleplaying, especially when it comes to their feelings toward the church.

    Essentially, I believe that I need to work harder to make sure that not only the player characters, but also the players themselves feel convicted to end this church. I want them to be angry. I want them to hate the church and all it stands for.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of how I might do this?
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