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I played some GURPS Transhuman Space at a convention.

All the complexity didn't seem to add anything.

The following exchange totally killed it for me.

Me: I'm going to try to land the ship
GM: You need to roll at least a 10 to land the ship successfully.
Me: *Roll* Add the modifiers... I only got an 8.
GM: You land the ship successfully but it was a bit rubbish.
Me: ...
You actually roll low in GURPS, so 8 is a success if the target number was 10. Your margin of success was only 2 though, so it wasn't that great a success, so I guess saying it was a bit rubbish makes sense.

Of cause, if you're jumping onto moving ships and similar, then GURPS has advantages like Luck and bought success rules specifically for over-the-top against the odds heroics - so even if you'd failed the roll nothing would've stopped you from dropping a few cp to succeed anyway (assuming the GM is using those rules).