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That's not to say I couldn't use more input. If anyone else has an idea, do spit it out! I'll be happy to hear it.

Well...to be really 'against' the players, you need to hit where it hurts:

1.Experience. Have the church stop them from getting XP. For example: have the BBEG arrested right before the characters get to his lair(''oh, adventuring vigilantes, thanks for your help but we arrested Count Evil and he will stand trial for his evil deeds so you can put them weapons away.")

2. Treasure. The Faith IRS--"Oh good you killed the evil dragon Goum...now we will claim it's treasure hoard. We will return all rightly stolen property and use the remainder to repair and repay damage the dragon has done over the years..."

3. Both (Fun) All monsters and evil is gone from the lands......