Alright, here's hoping third times the charm.

My character is a human monk, except he has the energy template, making his body be composed of the 4 elements rather than skin and bone. He wears a gi (white, with a black or red belt), which covers most of his body, but his head is split roughly in half (vertically) between fire and air, and his firsts are mostly earth, with some water. He should have a sai either tucked into his belt, or in his hand (artist's choice). The other hand (or both if the sai is in his belt) should be in a fighting position.

For reference if needed, here is both his Character Sheet and the Template Project, where the energy template comes from.

If the elemental part is overly complicated, the same character but with the Slime (turning him into an ooze) or Artificial (making him a construct) would also be amazing.

Thank you so much to whichever brilliant avatarist agrees to do this.