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    Default Re: No plot, No problem- the NaNoWriMo thread 2012

    So, the halfway mark for time has been reached. I'm just over 30k, still around 2.25 days ahead of raw quota. I had 3 days in the last 7 where I didn't hit quota, but 3 days over 2k as well.

    In terms of the plot, the two sides of the story have met. They're about to start intertwining. I decided to skip the part where the established order keeps trying to force the new arrival into its schema. I don't want them handling the idiot ball, and I found I couldn't keep that stage of the plot without it.

    I haven't itemized the word count, but overall I think I've succeeded in expanding the "naruto-esque world" part of the story closer to half of the plot. I have more than one character there with a personality now, at least.

    The 'interesting wrinkle' isn't as interesting as I'd thought. I find myself having to force it in. The original intention of this was to present a case of mistaken identity (something the established order would think the new arrival was doing) but it just isn't working out that way. If the word count gets well above 50000, I may just drop it. Otherwise I think I'm going to prune it well ahead of intention.

    Another minor flaw on my part has occured to me. I haven't had the main character of the "naruto-esque world" in a non-plot scene yet, whereas the "first psionic" has had plenty such development. I need to correct that.

    Speaking of the "first psionic" plot, I'm in the middle of the chapter where his character flaws are giving him his first real temptation to cross the line between his good intentions his darker impulses. The second rule* I set for this character is that he is neither a "good" guy nor a "bad" guy -- he's someone who has gotten his hands on more power than he deserves and has to sort out what he's going to do with it. So far he's leaned rather heavily toward his good intentions thanks to a good influence (I mentioned the "second tier character getting more screen time than intended in an earlier post).

    *The first rule being, "Under no circumstances does this character become an author insert. To the extent possible, avoid trying to even make it look like it."
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