Well, finally got the game and IT IS AWESOME. I've been playing it for a bit, and believe I'm doing good so far, at least with a bit of reloading. (Mainly because the game forgot to inform me that a rocket shot was blocked, so my heavy ebded up exploding half the team, or when the cursor slips just a bit, so instead of running into cover and getting to reload, my sniper finds himself in the open, waving to those nice sectoids).

Game is good so far, about 2 months passed and I'm starting to get the hang of base-building and researching alien weapons. Got an "assualt the base" mission but not sure if I'm ready to do it yet.
I just love the feeling of panic, when after a small move, a large part of to fog lifts and you see yourself withing range of six hungry robo-floaters. Lucky my trusty heavy had a rocket.

Best part so far: Shooting a Floater in the face with a rocket, sending him through the geometry at the edge of the map.

Worst part so far: My assault runs behind a giant screen-filling muton, and blasts him with her shotgun two times at point-blank. Both shots miss horribly and she gets a backhand to the face. 98% to hit my foot!

Heroic moment of the day: My assualt find himself low on ammo, and health, surrounded by 3 Chryssalids after saving a civilian. seeing as he has no hope, the heavy behind him takes the shot, and blasts the poor soldier and robo-spiders with his rocket.
Major Yamaguchi, you shall be remembered.

Some questions:
1. Are robots worth the price? Do they have any useful abilities or are they just basic recruits?
2. Some times, my snipers or heavies seem to be receiving weird yellow signals in the middle of combat. Are they being mind-controlled?