It's been said earlier in this thread, but I'll repeat it here. If this comic had not been posted on Rich's website, I suspect it would quickly go the way of the dinosaur. The artwork is somehow unappealing. I'm not saying the artist is unskilled, simply that the way the artwork for this particular comic comes together is somehow aesthetically displeasing.

The humour is lacking. I realize humour is subjective, but I can find just about anything funny. This strip lacks humour, in a large way.

My final complaint has to be the baby tawk. It's not cute, or funny, it is irritating. Calling a dragon a dwagon doesn't make me want to read your comic. Calling a griffon a gwiffon doesn't do the job either. In fact, these devices are simply making me shake my head in the realization that this webcomic will be dead to me. Again, if this comic made it's debut anywhere other than here, it would be dead before it started.

Just my 2 cents worth.