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    Hey, Aliquid, can you please do something with me? Please read aloud with me, the title of this thread. Ready?

    "What do you think of Erfworld after reading the first few pages?"

    Now, please explain how you feel justified in showing disdain for those of us who shared our thoughts, but felt that it sucked?
    Personally, I've got no problem with people who say what they thought of Erfworld. If they thought it sucked and said so, fair play to 'em. What's irritating is the people who've interpreted 'what did you think of it' as 'please abuse the creators and make blanket statements like "this lacks all humour" despite the fact that lots of people have already said they've found it funny.' That, I think, is arrogant.

    But yeah, I'm not Aliquid but for my part I'm sorry if my irritation at the minority of arrogrant pricks has come out in replies to those who've just been giving their honest opinion.
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