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    Massive Infodump

    I have not seen an english version of this manga translation yet with the english in the speech bubbles (but that will come soon), but so far there has been translations of Attack on Titan Chapter 86 in several different languages.

    Spoiler: Chapter 86

    Making sense of the history / infodump that was presented.

    • Almost two thousand years ago, 1820 years ago, A girl known as Ymir Fritz made a deal with a devil and gained the power of the titans. She was a titan that was extremely humanoid with boobs and tits, and she and her people conquered the world. Here people was the Eldia.
    • When Ymir Fritz died, her "soul" was split among 9 people and we have 9 titan shifters
    • About 1700 years later (so 120 years ago), the Titan War started, Mare which is a collection of multiple tribes who were oppressed by the Eldia. Somehow acquired some of the titan shifters, and after 80 years of fighting they gained 7 of the 9 Titan Shifters
    • I am speculating here, but based off what was revealed in Chapter 86 the Titan Wars is probably when mindless titans appeared, but that does not mean they were widespread.
    • During the titan wars King Fritz inherited the coordinate and he was of the Eldia (the people who ruled the world for 1700 years, but lost 7 of the 9 titan shifters). King Fritz decided to go to Paradi Island. He used the coordinate to create the 3 walls (out of titans) and many of the Eldia entered the walls and had their memories wiped. This action more or less made a ceasefire / limited peace of the Titan Wars. He was the 145th descendent of Ymir Fritz
    • Mare now rules the world besides the walled areas of Paradi Island. They also possess 7 of the 9 Titan Shifters. They now turned the tables and are oppressing and ghetozing the remaining Eldia who stayed behind.
    • Eldia Revivalists exist in the ghetto and are plotting revolution / warfare
    • Some of the fritz family stayed behind and did not go with King Fritz to the 3 walls. One of such people and probably the only survivor is Daina Fritz. The plan of the Eldia Revivalists is to sneak into the walls civilization and kidnap and acquire the coordinate with Daina Fritz leading them
    • Daina Fritz and Grisha Yeager get married and have a son. His name is Zeke / Sieg which means victory.
    • Turns out Mare wants to also acquire the lands of the walled civilization on Paradi island. They have the military power with world war 1ish technology with airplanes to easily conquer the walled civilization (full of Eldians) but they can't for the person with the coordinate could easily free the titans within the walls and unleash a hell on earth.
    • Instead they must also acquire the coordinate via subterfuge. They stated to the Eldians in ghettos that they want 7 children between the ages of 5 to 7 to become honorary Mare warriors, and it seems like they will inherit the titan shifter ability. Besides the titan shifters becoming honorary Mare there families will as well
    • Daina Fritz and Grisha Yeager enlist their son Zeke to this program
    • Zeke betrays them (when he becomes 7) and turns them over to the secret police
    • Daina Fritz, Grisha Yeager, and the rest of the Eldia Revivalists will be sent to Paradi Island, note this also is being called sent to heaven (a colloquialism for being disappeared) and Daina Fritz and Grisha Yeager and rest will be turn into mindless titans

    More stuff but this remaining stuff is speculation
    • Some of the Eladia Revivalists look like some of the mindless titans we have seen
    • Notably, Daina Fritz (mother of Zeke and Grisha's 1st wife) looks like the smiling titan, the titan who ate Eren's mother. If so Daina Fritz ate Eren's mom and Eren via the Coordinate caused other titans to eat Zeke's mom
    • Paradi Island and the nearby continent look like Africa and Madagascar except flipped with the South Areas of Africa in the real world would be the north areas of Attack on Titan in their world. Note the climates of the lands are very different with Paradi Island being more like northern europe. In other worlds this is not the world we live in today, unless some form of Ragnarok type thing happened similar to how in the Tolkein universe the world was destroyed and rebuilt / heavily warped several times throughout history.
    • We do not know how much of this history we can take at face value due to unreliable narrator problems. For example the history of the Eladia is told via three different "sources", one of a source of people meant to keep the Eladia as underclass citizens and to instill fear into their children and fear of a secret police, the second was ruins and hieroglyphics which no one can read but people can glance at, and the oral histories of Daina Fritz. No doubt Zeke will claim different histories, and one of the big themes of this series is unreliable narrators, secret histories, and the power of propaganda.
    • We do not really know how mindless titans arose, but it is evident that they became more numerous during the titan war, and that the Mare have the power to convert people into titans (probably related to the aerosolized thing Zeke did to create titans)
    • Edit: Forgot to mention on the unreliable narrator part, anybody that read chapter 86 should reread chapter 54, for we also got a different version of the story of what happened 1800 years ago in a scene involving Historia Reiss and Freya Reiss, pay particular attention to the book Historia is learning to read from with instructruction by Freya. Freya then wipes Historia's memories in chapter 54.

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