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Shh, this is fun.

All right, all right. They had the artist of the spinoff join them at their little table about halfway through the panel. It is the man with that smiley-face yarmulka, who happens to be an artist. Apparently, he mentioned to Rob Balder the idea of him doing some guest comics, and Rob decided to run with that into an idea of a spinoff. I think they said it's planned to be at least 100 pages long. They kept us in suspense about the plot itself.

Some other details I can remember from the panel...

They gave us candy!

Apparently Wanda is so booping scary right now because Rob and Jamie keep one-upping her scariness, in both behavior and appearance.

They have been approached by several gaming companies already about making a game based off Erfworld. They are going to wait and see what the best offer they receive is before they sign with any company.

Rob does the lettering of the comic, which allows him to take a second pass at writing the dialog to better fit it to the art. This is apparently a genius strategy. The same system is being used for the spinoff, though with a different artist and author; results are reportedly similarly as good.

As far as plot goes, all they gave us was that veiling has plenty of drawbacks. We'll find out what they are shortly.

Speaking of plot, the "PLOT" panel is the central joke of Erfworld. And they were selling their first Erfworld t-shirts with had the panel on it, and they look very good.

More details as my memory comes back to me (it was a exciting weekend, gimmie a break) and as other people from the panel hopefully start posting here.