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From Rob's right to left (or left to right if you are looking at it):

Goblin for Goblins webcomic: "Shouldn't that be 'Inter-Universal?'"

Redcloak from OOTS: " Yes,and I'm sure nitpicking will fix it up right away."

Gobwin from Erfworld: "Technically, I'm a Gobwin..."

Edit: BTW, had a great time helping you out Rob. Actually turned out to be one of my happier memories of this years GenCon. Hope you got all the shirts sold! RP
Darnit! You reminded me that I wanted to get back the booth and pick up a T-Shirt. Grrrrrr.... Darn advancing in the NASCRAG 'tournament'. *shakes fist*

Also, Trog forgot that pclips's Gf might be able to show him how to make a duct tape wallet.