The captain shrugs off any attempts at conversation.

As you head deeper into the heart of the city, the architecture changes. More and more buildings are made of the renowned green marble that Hlondeth is famous for. Intricate carvings of snakes decorate the walls, and serpentine statues line the rooftops, acting as gargoyles/waterspouts.

You are headed toward the Emerald Citadel, home of the Queen. The serpentine motifs remind you that the Queen is rumored to be half yuan ti. It seemed ridiculous when you first heard it, but now begins to almost seem plausible.

You pass through the Inner Gates, but instead of heading into the Citadel, the captain turns left and takes you into a large two story marble building.

You are escorted to a bare room and you are instructed to wait until you are called for. The captain closes the only door to the room behind him, and you hear a key turn in the lock.

You have all of your possessions except for your weapons, which were carried by one of the soldiers and have presumably been deposited somewhere in the building.

Looking around the room, you see four green marble walls. Four glowing stones set into the ceiling provide the only light in the room. There is no furniture. The only door is made of reinforced oak. A small window set in the door is shuttered from the outside.