That's a hell of a commitment. However, I see a single issue with three spells: The Celerity Family.

These guys are already pretty good, what with the power to rewrite their spells/known every day, Anyspell themselves anything they need, etc. The last thing they need is to have Celerity naturally (Anyspell notwithstanding).

Of course, this is just my bias against STUPID LEVELS OF BULL**** that Celerity seems to trail in it's wake.

On a totally off-the-wall note, how do these guys use Metamagic feats? Like normal Wizards? As Sorcerers? At all? Doubly so for feats that require them to pick a particular spell, such as Divine Metamagic does (I know they can't take it, it's just an example that works, and I can't think of anything else right now, it's 1 AM here ).