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Thread: Dawn of Yesterday (An ABR Backstory)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fayte Graydon View Post
    My Birthday was aweseom!
    Got a guitar!
    Got Cash!
    Got a Full Metal Alchemist Pocketwatch!
    Got Drunk! =D
    Twas a good day... mostly...

    Anyone wanna help me out?
    Tell ya how...
    I either need concept art for new grunts...
    or I wants some Fan Art!!!!
    I mean... do i even have fans?

    *refuses to do any more untill i has Fan art*
    (Basically I'm stalling untill i can commit a decent amouth of story to notepad to know what im gunna do with this story...)
    Very well, you shall have fan art

    Now go make a new goddamn comic

    Just so you know because I don't know how to increase the size of the image, the right one's Fayt and the other is Aaron.
    I'm just joking with ya.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lemming View Post
    Here is some fan art:

    Mr. smiley!
    Now get back to work!
    Gah! Someone beat me to it. Darn.
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