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Rissy has strange dreams. Like this:

Mum: So, what would you like for Christmas?
Me: Hmm, how about an original Shakespeare folio? Please?
Mum: Let me look into that. You sure that's what you want?
Me: Yes. Plus, the Bodleian had one (admittedly they sold it to Sir Paul Getty for 3.5 million in 2003), so why can't I have one?
Mum: True, true. But I thought you wanted a first edition of the Bible?
Me: That can wait until my birthday. Just put the folio on your credit card, and let's be done with this! I need to go to class.

The silliest thing is that I don't even celebrate Christmas.
Strange dreams are considerably better than my dreams. Whenever I remember a dream, it's exactly like reality, except stuff that happens in the dream doesn't actually happen in reality (like me checking to see if there is a new OotS in a dream, and there is, but when I go to check in real life there isn't). It's pretty boring.