Personally, I'd give it the spell compendium spells Panacaea and perhaps Healing Lorecall. While the removes are actually also very fitting, they still have to compete for a domain slot and thus are less likely to be utilized.

Other healing spells that aren't cure X wounds may also be options, such as healing spirit(PHB2), or Darts of Life(Complete Champion). I actually find revivify to be a kind of weird option.

I do like the flavor of using d10s instead of d8s to heal with, but I don't think that's actually too much of an effect. Perhaps have it grant you the complete divine's augment healing feat? Or maybe even just grant you the same effect.

Although it looks like you're trying mostly to stick to core, which is also cool. Perhaps aid as a first level spell? Could play merry havoc with wands and the like, but aid could work at first.