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Thread: Domestic Sorcerer [3.5 Base Class]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milskidasith View Post
    I see no reason you had to make your post into a personal attack against me, especially when it seemed as if the OP believed this class was an equal match to the sorcerer. Regardless of how true it is, many people do not know how powerful spells are and believe that minor abilities allow you to make up for the loss of the world shattering effects of spells.
    I did not believe him to be as powerful as the sorcerer at any point. The concept started out as a sorcerer who only had spells to make his life easier, until I realized that even low level sorcerer spells were of little use in everyday life, and that even being unoptimal as a sorcerer would leave me with spells that were way out of character. Plus, the character would lack even the direction of a self taught sorcerer. He's just someone who can make fire out of nothing, or move things with his mind, as far as he knows. So I made a new system that allows him to do that at will, and that turned into a class.

    I added the rule for sorcerer substitution in case one of these people trains as a more literal sorcerer, but they are meant to be farmers who maybe want to avenge their wife or something, not reality-bending masters of magic.

    EDIT: Cantrips are up.
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