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I don't know you personally, so there is nothing personal here involved. This does not alleviate the fact you are going around saying the exact same thing.
This still doesn't explain why this is a bad thing. If multiple people make the same mistake, you correct them all. What would you rather me do, say "Look at this post in another thread, it explains it?" so I don't make multiple posts on multiple different threads?

There's a world of difference between complimenting without meaning to and being downright rude for no reason at all. And you quite often are, especially due to some misplaced sense of loyalty to "mechanical balance". While I understand where you're coming from, some people don't really care about it, especially compared to fluff, so don't flog them because they like to play the game differently.
Loyalty? If people say PEACH, I assume they want it PEACH'd. If people post threads at all in the homebrew forum, I'm going to assume that it's not out of place to comment on the balance of them. Sure, some people don't care about mechanics, but if they didn't, they wouldn't be making classes with mechanical abilities, and if they did make classes while not caring about the balance, people using them might.