Meanwhile, elsewhere on Floor 14...

Expositional Interlude

Yukari: You're strong...To take me this far...I wonder why an old shop's shopkeeper is able to control such amazing power?

Rinnosuke: Hahaha, it may be quite old, but I believe my shop is still younger than you.

Oho. I do like those kind of jokes, but too bad, I'm young.

Well, I didn't come here to exchange such jokes anyway. What I want to hear is why you, who's lived for so long, with such massive power and great intelligence, would do such a thing!

...No comment. It's good to keep a few secrets to be mysterious, mm?

Don't mess with me!


I don't care how cunning you are, I trusted you and the image you portrayed of having a deep love of Gensokyo...! Working with antiques seems to have decayed my judgment! This incident couldn't have been made by anyone but you!

It wasn't me exactly, but...I suppose saying that I'm not involved would be a lie, mm?

Trying to dodge it? However you look at it, you're deeply connected to it for sure. Since this incident occurred and you lost control, you were either a fixer or helpless...It's the latter, isn't it?

Perhaps, the reason you're so desperate...Is it related to those humans from the "outside world"...?


Bullseye, it seems. Your face just stiffened.

How did you know about that?

I like to go to Muenzuka. The barrier is weak there. That's why I noticed this incident early. I know there are humans who came from the outside world. That's what I investigated the Hakurei Barrier for. Then, the barrier shook as if something passed through. But no one from the outside world can do such a thing. However, since you can...Coming to this conclusion was natural, was it not?


But why would you bring humans from the outside...It seems like investigating that would be interesting. Now now, I wonder what else will appear around here. If there's anything incriminating, you will pay.

...You want to go already? Since we're here, why don't we talk a little more? For example, about how you received such power...isn't that an interesting topic?

This power? ...Well, it's nothing to feel guilty about, but it wouldn't be fair if I left after all that talk. It's nothing interesting. It's just power given to me by Gensokyo to resolve this.

...Are you trying to mimic me with that vague reply? What kind of rhetoric is that?

As you created the incident, the items from the outside that flowed to Muenzuka multiplied tremendously, and something within took my was this.

That's...some science text?

A wave function diverges in Planck time intervals, creating many possibilities...What would best describe this "me", is a man who attained all the possibilities overlapping into one. And this "me" who contains all possibilities, can even use a magic base to perform quantum telecloning. This power flows within me...This is actually a thesis. All I did was follow the descriptions in the thesis. While the thesis is theoretically possible, the implementation of it is supposedly impossible, but...

In Gensokyo, where those who control time and gravity live, nothing is impossible. As long as the theory is sound.

That went over my head...Even so, something is quite odd. Indeed, it's quite odd that skill was actually founded and based in the outside world, and not Gensokyo. Things that aren't accepted in the outside, flow here...Is that a possible reason...

With the current incident, I would assume so. Not just the Hakurei Barrier, but the concept of time...And so, I will use this thesis, this power given to me to manage the incident...Don't you think that's why Gensokyo gave me this power?

...I had an inkling it was actually like this, but...You really do have a few screws loose in the head, huh. Someone with that kind of power is major trouble.

Hahahahahaha! Did that really come from you, the textbook example of what you said!? Ahahahaha! Hahaha...ha...ah, how funny. Are you quite satisfied? Now then, I shall be taking my leave.

Just you watch, I will resolve this incident quickly. You better prepare yourself.

...Now now, I must make sure I don't get too idle either. I must find them quickly...If it's now, there may still be time...