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    Default Ballad of the 503rd: Star Wars WW

    As you well know, our previous mission on the Tanative IV was a mixed success. By the time we intervened, not only had the princess done away with our plans, we were also thrust into battle against more than a few foolhardy rebels. Thanks to the quick action of Lord Vader and the 501st, however, we managed to retrieve our rebellious princess, and Lord Vader has been hard at work teaching her some manners.

    However, due to the incompetency of our security, it seems we have a band of would-be rescuers on our hands, in disguise, no less. It looks as if you of the 503rd will finally have some action on your hands. Locate and eliminate them. It's time to show these filthy insurgents the true might of the Empire.

    download 102195.txt


    download complete

    Here are the files we've received from intelligence. Use them to your advantage.

    List of insurgents:
    *Among our unexpected guests are two familiar to you. The esteemed Han Solo and his sidekick Chewbacca.

    Solo has slipped through our hands one too many times, and it looks as though he's up to his old tricks. He can easily thieve items from you, as well as build new ones, so stay on your toes. His acquaintance is certainly strong enough to protect his allies, but don't worry, he needs to cool down after such skirmishes.

    *The others are a bit more obscure, however. We have word that one Ben Kenobi is amongst their ranks. Though we on the bridge aren't too concerned with the old man, Lord Vader takes great interest in him. He has informed us that Kenobi has Force abilities, so he can sense us with his powers. Take great care.

    *We also have word that a farm boy by the name of Luke Skywalker has boarded. It seems the rebels are taking peasants into their ranks now. He also possesses Force powers, but nothing to the degree of Kenobi. He can sense us as well, though with varying results.

    *A couple of rebel droids, serial numbers R2-D2 and C-3PO are somewhere on deck. Though preposterous, intelligence assures us that they are collaborating to aid their masters. Nonetheless, keep an eye out for these two. They might buy us some new armor.

    *And finally, some assorted rebels have made their way on deck using a different convoy. Keep them from the princess.

    Graciously, Lord Vader has provided us with some new recruits. Here's the data on our comrades:
    *The Engineer class has an amazing expertise with machines. They can turn scrapped parts into weapons.

    *The Sharpshooter class can easily cut down their ranks with his rifle. He's been granted the ability to fire during the night-shift.

    *The Heavy class has been equipped with laser shields to give our men some cover. He can activate these abilities once during the night-shift.

    *In a surprising move, Lord Vader has entered the battlefield. His Force powers and lightsaber should be more than enough to take these rebels down.

    *We on the bridge have been instructed to aid you in your mission, so there's no need for worry. We'll provide you with ample information on your targets.

    *And of course, you, our loyal Stormtroopers. Show the rebels what the 503rd is made of.

    Here's an inventory of the Death Star:
    *You should be all equipped with a Blaster, a suitable weapon for a situation such as this.

    *The Sniper Rifle (4xScraps) should provide you with pinpoint accuracy, not unwelcome on such an occasion. They have about one round of ammo, and allow you one kill during the night shift.

    *The Barrier Sphere (5xScraps) will allow you protection during the night shift, should your teammates get too trigger-happy.

    *The Adrenaline Injection (3xScraps) should provide you enough speed to rob the enemy of their weapons.

    *Scrap Metal is acquired for each man killed. The Engineer and Solo can use it to create new weapons.

    Show what we've got, men.
    Lt. Lachen Mensch

    • 1. Kroy Stormtrooper.
      2. The Fiery Tower
      3. Lex-kat Assorted Rebel
      4. The Cyberwolf
      5. Cyborg Mage Heavy.
      6. RabbitHoleLost Stormtooper.
      7. the cake
      8. Internet Flea Ben Kenobi.
      9. billtodamax Stormtrooper.
      10. Fleeing Coward
      11. Calamity
      12. Tydude Sharpshooter.
      13. Irbis Engineer
      14. Heroic
      15. Trixie
      16. Logarr Han Solo
      17. Murska
      18. hap hazard

    The 503rd is a squadron on the Death Star. The game takes place in Episode IV, during the rescue mission.

    I constructed both teams to be different from the norm, with the protagonists taking the classic roles and the Stormtroopers earning some new ones. So in a way, you could say that Team Good has wolf roles and Team Evil has villager roles.

    Comprehensive list time!:

    Rebels (Team Evil):
    Ben: Seer
    Han Solo: Thief
    Luke: Fool
    Chewy: Baner
    Droids: Masons
    Assorted Rebels: Villagers

    Empire (Team Good):
    Vader: Devil
    Special Ops:
    *Sharpshooter: ... you get the idea
    *Heavy: Baner
    *Engineer: New Role
    Bridge: Myself (Just for roleplay and Seer-information-giving)
    Troopers: Wolves

    Roleplaying is encouraged.
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