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    Okay, so, Q&A time!

    In. Though I do wonder why there is two threads?
    Because I am an idiot.

    In. I think I get it. The droids are the masons, right? Luke's the fool, Ben (Obi Wan) is the seer.....

    Are the 503rd the villagers or wolves?
    The 503rd is a squadron on the Death Star. The game takes place in Episode IV, during the rescue mission.

    I constructed both teams to be different from the norm, with the protagonists taking the classic roles and the Stormtroopers earning some new ones. So in a way, you could say that Team Good has wolf roles and Team Evil has villager roles.

    And you're right about the droids, Ben, and Luke. Comprehensive list time!:

    Rebels (Team Evil):
    Ben: Seer
    Han Solo: Thief
    Luke: Fool
    Chewy: Baner
    Droids: Masons
    Assorted Rebels: Villagers

    Empire (Team Good):
    Vader: Devil
    Special Ops:
    *Sharpshooter: ... you get the idea
    *Heavy: Baner
    *Engineer: New Role
    Bridge: Myself (Just for roleplay and Seer-information-giving)
    Troopers: Wolves

    Any more questions?
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