Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou Plus Disk - Prologue


Lady Yukari? What brings you to my humble shop?

Hmm...hello there, Kourin. I haven't seen you since the incident last year, haven't I?

Indeed I haven't. And, if you'll pardon my saying this, you are certainly looking a lot better than you did before.

Same goes for you, I suppose. It's amazing how much less repulsive you are when you're wearing a shirt.

Um...Okay, sure.

Anyway, Kourin, do you remember when we sealed away the strange space that appeared?

Oh yes, that was some ordeal. In the end, we had to bring in so many of Gensokyo's best and strongest to help.

I haven't seen such a strong united effort in quite some time.

Come on now, you speak like as if it we had trouble.

But didn't we? Purifying the Bloodstained Seals that held the dungeon together was no small task.

I don't know, I thought it was pretty easy.

You'd be one to say that, wouldn't you? Anyway, did you have something to talk to me about regarding that incident?

Oh? You hadn't noticed? About the strange space, it's still there. Sure, I've sealed it apart from Gensokyo, but it's still near our world, festering on its own.

But...surely that's impossible! The girl that created it has departed, and we purified the rest of the dungeon!

Correction: we only purified the twenty floors that us Gensokyo residents had explored. There's still more beyond what we've seen. Not only that, but it still seems to be expanding.

Then what shall we do about it?



Indeed. It's no longer our problem. I will continue to maintain Gensokyo's barrier and prevent any further intrusions by that wretched space. However...


The girl who created this mess, Maribel, is back with her friend, and they know about the continuing incident.

Oh? Well, that's a interesting development. Has Maribel contacted you?

She asked me to help her cleanse the space entirely, and stop whatever force has hijacked control of the space from her. I sternly warned her that it was too dangerous, and that she should just return home and live a normal life. But of course, I doubt she'd listen to me.

Probably not. So, do you plan on stopping her yourself?

That girl's no fool. She knows it'll be far too dangerous to go in there with just her friend, especially if the expanded dungeons prove far deadlier than before. She probably thinks she could just ignore my admonition and gather together some of Gensokyo's strongest to help her instead.

So what do you plan to do about that?

I've already met with all of Gensokyo's power players. Hakugyokurou, Eientei, Moriya Shrine, the Scarlet Devil Mansion: their mistresses have all agreed not to provide aid to the girl's naive quest. I even contacted noteworthy individuals, including the Hakurei miko, the witches of the Forest of Magic, those who tend the Sanzu River, and the Oni from the underworld. Everyone who worked with either us or the Hakurei miko's earlier expedition will not join with the girl. Which brings me to why I came here.

I understand. You don't want me to help Maribel either, should she come here, right? Very well then, it's best that girl keeps away from these things anyway. I can't imagine how she'd attempt to enter that space like this, then.

Oh? I can.

What do you mean? As you said, she has no powerful allies left, and thus no chance of challenging this incident.

If nothing else, that girl can be resourceful. I doubt she'd give up so easily. Perhaps I ought to still keep an eye on her, just in case.

Really? How far do you think she can even get?

Farther than you think, I'm sure. Farther than you think.

~ Rinnosuke Morichika

~ Yukari Yakumo

I guess I should thank you all for the bumps to this old topic. Because, as it turns out, the recent release of the Special Disk (version 3.01) of this game has made me spend quite a bit of time on this game recently. Enough, in fact, to finally decide to go ahead with the Plus Disk content again.

Originally, I had planned a sort of "optimal" team of the best characters of the game for conquering the Plus Disk (minus the characters I had already used in the Let's Play, for a change of pace). Months ago, I admit I had thought that the post-game content was unforgiving enough that I absolutely needed the best team possible to beat it. I got as far as the final boss, but then when the Special Disk came out, some other folks suggested that I try to play through the game with most of the so-called "worst" characters in the game, the ones that the Wiki describes as low-tier. I liked the idea, especially since the wiki lacked a lot of info on these characters, so I tried taking them through the game. Naming them "Team Unappreciated", I beat the main game again, and discovered that they weren't nearly as bad as I had originally though. So naturally, the next challenge for me was to take on the Plus Disk with this team. And that brings me here.

I have already actually completed much of the gameplay for the Plus Disk, but to show the progress I've been making with these characters, I had been recording my boss fights (initially just to measure poison damage). But then I decided: hey, I have these videos, what's stopping me from continuing my Let's Play? So I decided to roll with the idea and see what happens. It helps that the Plus Disk has no story to speak of, so I get to make up whatever I want right now. (Note that most of the videos are already up on Youtube, I just need to go back and add dialogue or something now, lol.)

So yeah, once again Maribel's returned to this bizarre world. Let's see just what happens!