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    here it is! The story of tanner wolf chapter one:
    Don't talk henchman.
    ((or Brilliant plan, idiot))
    “Ok listen. It didn’t work the first four times, WHY would it work now? I said tapping my furry little feet as I glared at the wizard.

    “I mean, well sure I killed Chäven, and Dave, oh and Bruce, well that one was a victory. Oh I can’t forget about Kaalehn.” Ilsen tried to explain.

    “Blade wouldn’t have liked that Ilsen. He died… In a bad way” I was interrupted.

    “Tanner, need I remind you that we had to kill him! Hell you gave him the final cut with your axe! We had to burn his corpse, cover his body in holy water and jab each piece with silver daggers. He was dead when we met him. The man was a vampire for Vecna’s sake!” Ilsen roared

    “H-H-H-Half-Vampire, sir” I squeaked fully going into rat form. I always did when I was terrified. I was a powerful rager, but after seeing what Ilsen could do to his own team mates I was terrified. Blade was my only real connection and friend in the group. I was Ilsen’s muscle and the rest off the team were only acquaintances. Blade understood me. He was half-vampire half-elf. I am a wererat. Everyone else thought we were freaks and Bruce hated us. Blade died possessed by his blood lust. I had to kill him myself. He was going to murder us and our reputation.

    “Never mind. Once we get a druid, a servant of Vecna, an assassin and a troll we can get that head and gain its true power!” Ilsen beamed.

    “But aren’t four deaths enough?” I squeaked.

    “Nonsense. How much cash you got Tanner? We need four hundred wands of fireball and bag of holding…” Ilsen muttered.
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